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Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California
Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California
Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California
Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California
Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California
Cat Sitting Irvine Orange County California


Professional Cat Care in Your Home Since 1993
Cat Sitting, Medications, Subq Fluids, Insulin, Massage, Reiki


Too many pets go to a shelter when their owner suddenly dies. None of us know when that is going to happen - tomorrow or 20 years from now. The shelters are too crowded, and a large number of these orphaned pets, especially the senior and/or scared pets, are put down, when their only “crime” is that their owner, who loved them dearly, has passed away and had failed to make arrangements for their pets. Please fill out the SAVE MY PET Declaration; the form is in PDF format. Then, keep a copy of the form with your Last Will & Testament, and other important papers. Give a copy to your best friend, your veterinarian, your CPA, your lawyer, trusted family members, and neighbors. Keep a copy with your household’s Emergency Plan/Procedures, if applicable. Let’s make our beloved pets safe, no matter what happens to us! Lastly, please feel free to share this form with the other pet lovers you know.
Renal Failure:
Feline Asthma:
Poisonous Plants: There are several websites listed and I recommend checking them all for the plants in your home.
Cornell Univ.:
Wonderful Independent Pet Stores:
  Pet Zones:
Pet Supply: Fountain Valley 714-964-5585; Irvine 949-726-1226; Huntington Beach 713-962-8800
Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries:
  Animal Assistance League of O/C
Irvine Animal Care Center 949-724-7740
BrightHaven Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT
Bluebell Foundation in Laguna Beach, CA 949-494-1586
National Cat Protection Society in Newport Beach, CA 949-650-1232

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Cat Care Orange County California

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